COR 80 Industrial Oculta RPT / Passivhaus


Hinged window system with frame depth of 80 mm

Polyamide strip length 45 mm

Transmittance from 0,8 W/m²K

Maximum glazing thickness: 65 mm

Possibility of setting up concealed hinges & the security system Evo Security

Technical Data

» Maximum glazing thickness

65 mm

» Opening possibilities

Open inwards:

Side hung, turn & tilt, tilt & parallel, bottom hung

Open outwards:

Side-hung, top hung projecting

» Sections

Frame – 80 mm / Sash – 88 mm

» Profile thickness

Window 1,5 mm

Door 1,7 mm

» Polyamide strip length

45 mm

» Maximum dimensions/sash

Width (L) = 1.500 mm
Height (H) = 2.600 mm

» Maximum weight/sash

160 Kg

Please consult regarding maximum weight and dimensions according to types of opening.

» Finished

Possibility of  bicolor systems
Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating
Test Centre

» Transmittance

Uw from 0,8 (W/m²K)

Please consult typology, dimensions and glazing

» Maximum acoustic insulation

Rw=46 dB

» Air permeability

(EN 12207): CLASS 4

» Water tightness

(EN 12208): CLASS E1950

» Wind resistance

(EN 12210): CLASS C5

Reference test 1,23 x 1,48 m
2 Sashes window

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