Quem Somos

For more than 30 years we have designed, produced and provided doors, gates and a wide range of metal products that are solutions for opening and closing spans in construction works. We strive on a daily basis for our products to perform better, supported by the development of product engineering and the quality of the materials we carefully select, seeking to give them robustness at a competitive price and adjusted to the markets where we are present.

We offer a wide range of solutions, customizable and admittedly easy to use and apply, seeking to respond in an integrated and global way to the needs of the construction and rehabilitation market. These solutions are designed and applied in order to contribute and strengthen the safety, the aesthetic end result of the building and to meet the specific needs of our customers and users.

 We continuously study and improve our work processes and logistics so that we do so with the greatest speed and flexibility, seeking to satisfy our customers in a more integrated way.

Since 2008 we have made huge investments in the international promotion of our products. We are currently exporting to the whole of the European Union and to some countries in Africa. We aim to create a network of representatives in priority foreign markets. It is in industrial activity that, as far as we know, the process of quality of our products begins, so we have dominated the entire manufacturing process. The great focus on differentiation is also made by the certification of all its products, which guarantees all its quality, efficiency and safety for the customer.

Política de Qualidade

Expal – Indústria de Caixilharia de Alumínio, Lda, being a reference company in the national market of aluminum frames, is aware of its responsibility in managing the Quality of its products and services. 

Aiming at the success of the company, in the long term, and reflecting a place among the market leaders of which it is part and the improvement in all aspects of its business, in order to achieve high levels of performance that recognize it as a preferred company in Quality, EXPAL undertakes to: 

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing them with products and services that meet their needs and expectations in order to establish a mutual relationship of trust and loyalty.
  • Comply with the laws and regulations applicable to your activities and products.
  • Promote the commitment, skills and knowledge of employees for the performance of their individual and collective duties in improving the quality of products and services.
  • Include Quality objectives in the company’s strategy, measuring and evaluating the results obtained to ensure the effectiveness and improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • Inform, in a responsible and transparent way, the company’s employees about the performance of the QMS.

EXPAL is therefore a Company committed to generating value for the region where it is located, consisting of a motivated, competent and innovative team, which intends above all to exceed the expectations of its customers and relevant stakeholders, producing products with increasing quality.

Tecnologia e Inovação

Expal has a technical department with highly qualified personnel and the most modern CAD/CAE/CAM equipment (design, engineering, calculation and computer-assisted manufacturing), a manufacturing unit with technologically advanced equipment and a production department with about 50 technicians specialized in the manufacture and assembly of frames.

The design of the series marketed is developed by EXPAL, translating into exclusive series, however we also have at disposal series of reputable companies such as Portalex, Sapa, being official installers of Cortizo.

Expal’s mission is to produce Quality products that fully satisfy the customer, ensuring the company’s long-term success, and a place among the leaders of the market where we are inserted.

Expal has its Quality Management system certified by ISO 9001:2015.

A Nossa História

EXPAL – Indústria de Caixilharia de Alumínios, Lda, was founded on October 16, 1983, in the town of Gateiras de Santo António, Torres Novas. Directed to the aluminum frames, designing and producing, EXPAL has a large distribution area that extends throughout the country. The entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, combined with the professionalism of its employees, as well as the investment in innovation and new technologies, boosted the company, transforming it, in a short time, into a market-leading company.


Criação da Empresa
Concepção de séries próprias, com especial desenvolvimento do design das portas


Consolidação no mercado, com séries próprias em que o principal diferencial é a qualidade
Ampliação da fábrica
Criação da secção de lacagem
Aquisição de um centro de maquinação
Informatização dos processos em rede com a produção

ANOS 2000

Novos produtos: Jardins de Inverno e coberturas de piscinas
Ampliação da fábrica
Aquisição de robots para a produção
Substituição da secção de lacagem, por uma robotizada com novas funcionalidades
Certificação do seu sistema de qualidade pelas normas ISO 9001:2000


Renovação do certificado do seu sistema de qualidade pela norma ISO:9001:2008.
Novo Produto: Portões de Alumínio de abrir e correr.
Promoção Internacional: exportação para toda a União Europeia e para alguns países de África.
Rede de representantes em mercados externos prioritários.


Aumento da capacidade de produção com uma nova máquina cnc de 5 eixos.
Melhoramento da capacidade de lacagem com uma nova cabine de última geração.
Investimento no mercado externo com comercialização de novos produtos.
Investimento em obras de grande dimensão no mercado interno.

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